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With our private seminars, you don’t have to go anywhere to go further.

Get the benefits of our in-house training, exclusively for your company. The word "private" comes with a lot of clout and the expectations of costing more. But when it comes to our private seminars, you actually save in tuition, travel, and time away from the office.

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  • Technical Accounting
  • Finance and Business Management
  • SEC Reporting and MD&A
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Our curriculum is 100% focused on issues and topics that matter most to your industry and company. The courses are tailored to your needs so that exercises and examples are not random, but productive.
Our instructors are specialists in their discipline, extremely engaging presenters, and use their rich experience and foresight to help professionals thrive now and into the future.
KPMG Thought Leaders who often have FASB, IASB, or SEC experience and have worked directly with the standard-setters and governing bodies to help develop the new accounting standards, rules, and regulations.
KPMG Industry Leaders with significant industry knowledge and practical field experience working with clients on technical accounting issues. They have a deep understanding of new accounting pronouncements and the potential impacts on their business.
Educational Leaders, noted academics from prestigious universities. They are highly regarded in their fields because of their subject matter experience and strong teaching and facilitation skills.

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