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In-House Training

KPMG Executive Education public seminars available on this website may also be presented in-house exclusively for your company. To reinforce the educational benefits, we can tailor activities and exercises so they are relevant to your industry or business*.

In-house training offers many significant benefits to you, including:

  • Focus on issues and agenda topics of primary interest to your industry or company
  • Use better practices and examples that are relevant and specific to your industry or business
  • Ability to change the emphasis or direction of training while a session is in progress
  • Cost savings in travel, time away from work and tuition
  • Scheduling sessions when and where it is most convenient for your personnel

*Subject to independence considerations

Customized Training

We know that your business and training goals vary and that your needs may require a more highly customized program. Our instructional designers will work with you to understand your training goals and develop customized language, examples, exercises and activities – all to help your employees gain the skills they need to help your organization achieve its business objectives.

Examples of our customized solutions include:

  • Major Retailer: The client needed to create a globally consistent New Hire On-boarding program. The client ‘s existing program was a one-week instructor-led program which was proving costly (to fly all global new hires to one location) and lacked timeliness for many new hires throughout the year. KPMG Executive Education initially assisted the client in assessing the feasibility of converting the instructor-led program to a series of eLearnings. Based on KPMG's analysis and recommendations, the client engaged us to design and develop an eLearning series based on the instructor-led program. The program produced global consistency, increased timeliness and reduced training costs.
  • Major Banking Institution: After several incidences leading to the organization being fined and a loss of wages for board members across the globe, our client began focusing on creating new corporate governance policies and procedures. The client wanted to design a training that would teach the foundational corporate governance concepts and skills required to adapt these concepts to meet their regional regulations. KPMG Executive Education developed a high-level design of the course strategically placing case studies in the course to allow for application during the session. The design also consisted of “homework” for the board member to think through how the case study for their region applies to their business and how they are going to implement the new policies and procedures. In addition to presenting several pilot sessions, KPMG also provided a leader's guide of the piloted course that allowed the client to deliver the course in more regions following a consistent approach.
  • Major New York Metro Area Hospital: The client was seeking to level-set all members of their internal audit organization responsible for performing audits of several hospitals in the tri-state area. KPMG Executive Education worked with audit leadership to develop a two-day, fully customized program that covered the specific details of the hospital's audit methodology and focused on key enabling skills such as root cause analysis and critical thinking. The course was well-received, with audits being performed more consistently and efficiently.

Curriculum Development

Training is a significant investment for any organization. It is our experience that striking the right balance of learning methods most effectively achieves strategic learning goals.

We utilize a "blended" approach to training—leveraging webcasts and web-based self-studies to deliver base-level knowledge and timely updates, combined with traditional classroom training supported by on-the-job tools. With this approach, we are able to save classroom time for building critical skills through high-impact case studies and practical application.

Leveraging our KPMG Executive Education curriculum, we will work closely with your organization to design a learning approach that blends instructional methods that can work best in your unique environment.

Examples of our curriculum development solutions:

  • Major Retailer: The client needed a sustainable global training curriculum focused on US GAAP. KPMG Executive Education conducted a needs assessment to prioritize US GAAP topics and designed and developed a blended approach that included virtual classroom trainings, eLearning conversions, and instructor-led onsite sessions covering a variety of applicable topics for the target audience.
  • Major Defense Contractor: The client organization had a material weakness in their internal controls and were seeking an advisor to assist them in the development of a training manual to help build the skills of testers involved in the companies' self-assessment process. KPMG Executive Education, acknowledged the need for a manual but also proposed a more robust approach to increasing the skills of testers – an approach that included documenting the roles and responsibilities for all participants in the self-assessment process. Additionally, we developed a blended solution to the training that included both eLearning and classroom sessions, a certification program to motivate learners to fully engage in the training process and a sustainability roadmap to help ensure the client would be able to keep the program rolling beyond year 1.

Custom Learning Environment

KPMG Executive Education recognizes that the execution of a well-defined curriculum is a critical component to overall learning and development success. To enhance your employees' experience with training, KPMG Executive Education offers a Cloud-based custom learning environment, branded with your company logo and colors, allowing training requirements to be outlined and communicated to each individual user.

Leveraging the KPMG Executive Education catalog of ~200 courses, or training developed specifically for your organization, the custom learning environment will provide flexibility to select the courses you deem relevant to your team, designate certain courses as mandatory or optional, and set curriculum by level, role or department.

In addition, your custom portal will allow participants to peruse the full catalog of learning assets available, register for instructor-led classes, launch web-based self-study courses, access their training history and associated CPE Certificates of Completion, as well as access other KPMG thought leadership, performance support materials and training communications.

Through your custom learning environment, your organization will have full learning management system (LMS) capabilities and support, including:

  • Training registration and management
  • Participant ability to access their training history and any associated CPE Certificates of Completion
  • Completion tracking and reporting capabilities by level, role or department
  • Free access to other KPMG thought leadership

This convenient gateway can be globally accessed through the Internet via a secure URL unique to your company.

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